Gastelum Doesn’t Shy Away From Marijuana Use, Explains Why He Uses

UFC welterweight Kelvin Gastelum most recently faced Vitor Belfort in Brazil at UFC Fight Night 106. The fighter put on an impressive show, ultimately bringing the fight to a stoppage with his striking. However, the TKO victory was later overturned.

After being flagged by USADA for a potential anti-doping policy violation involving marijuana, Kelvin Gastelum’s victory over Vitor Belfort was dissolved into a no contest. Now, the fighter has gone on The MMA Hour to discuss the situation.

In the interview, as transcribed by MMA Fighting, Gastelum explained that he has a medical license for marijuana in California. The fighter uses the substance during training, but he explained that he stops doing so ahead of his fights.

“Well, I always stop consuming a few weeks before the fight. I always have in all my fights, and I didn’t do anything different, so you know, I went into the fight thinking nothing was wrong.” Gastelum said. However, the fighter was still pulled from his approaching bout with Anderson “The Spider” Silva after UFC Fight Night 106.

“I’ve found that it helps with pain and really just pain and sleeping. We train so much, I pretty much hurt myself everyday, I’m in pain pretty much everyday, so it’s good to relax the muscles a little bit.” Gastelum said, when explaining why he uses the substance.