How to Throw Conor McGregor’s Signature KO Punch!

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor may have the best one-punch knockout power in the history of the lighter weight classes in the UFC.

McGregor used his devastating punching power to knockout two UFC champions and become the only fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold two UFC championships.

In Dec. 2015, at UFC 194, it took McGregor only one punch, and a couple of seconds, to knockout then-champion Jose Aldo to become the UFC featherweight champion. Aldo was the most dominant champion in the history of the weight class, but even he didn’t expect McGregor’s punch to contain so much power.

Last November, at UFC 205, McGregor knocked out former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez to become the lightweight champion. This fight proved that not even a heavier weight class was safe from McGregor’s punching power.

In the video below, you can see and learn about the striking technique McGregor has used to become a multi-division champion in the UFC.