Infamous MMA Reporter Brings Up The Stockton Slap Heard Round The World

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is filled with interesting moment. Over the years, the mixed martial arts promotion has garnered a nice collection of intriguing memories. The Stockton slap heard around the world reigns among them.

UFC President Dana White was working hard to sink in a deal with UFC competitor Nate Diaz for a bout with current UFC lightweight champion Conor “Notorious” McGregor. On the side, the president offered the fighter a free slap to Dana White’s face.

In the video below, Nate Diaz can be seen giving the mixed martial arts promotion’s president a good Stockton slap in the face. Now, it would appear that a reporter has decided to weigh in on the moment.

Mixed martial arts reporter Michael Mardones‏  took to Twitter to post the video and to say “I’ve watched it ? times already. I think it gets better every time too.”