Joanna Jedrzejczyk Reveals Severe Back Injury Heading Into UFC 211

UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk put on a victorious performance at last weekend’s UFC 211. The champion co-headlined the event in a title fight against rising challenger Jessica Andrade. However, it would appear that everything was not fine for the champion leading into the bout.

While Jedrzejczyk scored a unanimous decision victory over the weekend, the champion revealed that she has been dealing with bad back issues as of late. In an interview with ESPN, the champion explained

“The camp is still good, but I will say that I am injured pretty badly. My back is totally f—– up. Last week, I couldn’t walk. I was crying because it was so much pain. My physical therapist from Poland just got here Sunday and I’m so happy. I wish he could have been here already, but he’s about to get married right after my fight.

“It’s a crazy time for him and his fiancé, but she’s an amazing person and let him come to help me. I am not stressed about this, though. I believe I will be 100 percent the day of the fight. I am already feeling 90 percent better. I definitely don’t want to pull out of the fight and if I didn’t take care of it the best way, this fight could get canceled.

“I was supposed to not do anything, but yesterday I went for a run just to test how hard I could push it. I am not stupid, I know there are some limits. I felt pain sometimes but we will make sure I am 100 percent. Something like this makes me stronger. I am killing excuses.”