Jose Aldo Now Refuses Media Questions About Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight champion Jose “Scarface” Aldo suffered a swift defeat to UFC lightweight champion Conor “Notorious” McGregor at UFC 194. The fighter was knocked out in the first round. Now, Jose Aldo is saying that the lost title fight is “in the past.”

During the UFC 212 pre-fight media conference yesterday, Jose Aldo explained that he believes people no longer need to bring up Conor McGregor with him. As transcribed by FOX Sports, Aldo said”

“The UFC tried to make this fight happen again. It didn’t happen. The guy does not want to fight with me again so may it be the last time that people ask. “He doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore and that’s fine.

“People don’t need to keep asking me about Conor McGregor anymore. It’s happened. It’s in the past.”

Jose Aldo will be looking to unify his UFC featherweight championship belt at UFC 212 in a match against interim champion Max Holloway on June 3.