M-1 Challenge: Convicted Human Trafficker And Alleged Neo-Nazi Added To Card

Frank Kortz, a convicted human trafficker and alleged Neo-Nazi member, has been added to an M-1 Challenge card in Russia.

Last August, Kortz was imprisoned for numerous offenses including human trafficking, causing bodily harm, and illicit weapon possession.

On top of having ties to Neo-Nazis, Kortz is also a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang.

Since being released from prison, Kortz has allegedly become involved in a brothel business where he is accused of being a pimp.

Kortz body is also covered in tattoos. Some of which, are confirmed to be representative of right-wing extremism and neo-Naziism. One of his tattoos is the infamous Swastika symbol.

Despite all of these offenses, Kortz has been booked to fight at M-1 Challenge 78 on May 26. Kortz has a 2-1 MMA record and is scheduled to fight Nikolay Savilov, who has an MMA record of 4-2.