Man Sticks Schaubs Cellphone In A Blender, Wrecks It Right Infront Of Him

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub and former UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks were once a part of an unfortunate prank.

As part of a YouTube show, Schaub and Hendricks were tied to chairs while a prank was being played on the two UFC fighters.

Schaub appeared to get the worst of the prank when a man put Shaub’s phone in a blender while he was tied down to a chair. Shaub was forced to watch as his phone was completely destroyed by the blender.

“Are you going to be tweeting about this,” the man said mocking Shaub while he was forced to watch his phone get broken into pieces.

“I’m just going to beat you up and take your phone,” Shaub replied.

Shaub was then given a new phone which led to both men embracing in a hug, and Shaub leaving happy.

Below, you can watch the entire prank take place on the UFC fighters.