Martial Arts Training Saves Cop From Armed Gunman

Mixed martial arts can do a lot more than just entertain you and your friends on a Saturday night.

Training in any particular form of martial arts can benefit you in many different real life situations.

In the video below, you can see a police officer using martial arts technique to quickly take down and unarm a man with a gun. This police officer’s martial arts training potentially saved himself, his fellow officers, and any civilian in the area.

The martial arts technique used by the police officer comes from Aikido, the same martial arts technique used by the character Morgan on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The technique used by the officer involves quickly getting control of a person’s wrist and using that to move their body. The police offer used the gunman’s wrist to not only force him to release the gun but to also take the man to the ground. This is a prime example of why wrist control is so important in the sport of MMA.