MMA Trained LL Cool J Takes Down Robber And Saves The Day

Hip hop artist and actor LL Cool J faced a frightening incident back in 2012. The NCIS actor met face to face with a stranger in his home, after a break in took place around 2 A.M.

The hip hop artist and actor has some experience with mixed martial arts, giving the fit performer an advantage he apparently put to use. LL Cool J pursued the man who was breaking and entering into his home. After that, the actor subdued the man and restrained him until police arrived on the scene.

LL Cool J is a series regular for the CBS television show NCIS: Los Angeles. However, the hip hop artist and actor played the role of crime fighter on the night of his break in.

Following the incident, KTLA 5 covered the story and attempted to receive an official statement from the actor. The coverage may be viewed below.