No More Cuts, UFC’s Roster Grows For The First Time Since New Ownership

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) new owners have been making a few changes during their time with the mixed martial arts promotion. Most of those changes seem to have been cutting back on employees. However, things seem to have recently changed.

Since the sale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, many of the mixed martial arts promotion’s employees have been let go. Among them, ringside commentating veteran Mike Goldberg was released from the promotion.

Beyond that, the UFC has been releasing fighters from their roster at an alarming rate. However, it would appear that the mixed martial arts promotion has recently added some new fighter to the roster, making for the first time since the sale of the promotion.

As noted by UFCFIGHTERSiNFO‏ over Twitter, “The number of UFC fighters (Compared to 3 month ago) Total:532(+8).” Now, it would appear that the UFC is welcoming some new competition into the mixed martial arts promotion.