The Full Nate Diaz Interview — Replay!

On Wednesday, Nate Diaz spoke to Ariel Helwani for over an hour to talk about the current status of his MMA career.

Below, you can rewatch the interview in its entirety. Throughout the interview, Diaz talks about his future, Tony Ferguson, UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, UFC President Dana White, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and other MMA related topics. He also takes the time to show off artifacts throughout his home in Stockton, California.

Among the biggest takeaways from the interview is Diaz willingness to not fight in the near future.

“I plan on sitting out this year,” Diaz said. “As of right now, there’s nothing going on. If you guys want me to fight someone, all you got to do is call and ask. But I’m enjoying just chilling. That’s what we fight for. To make it to the times where we don’t have to do anything.”

Diaz also revealed that he had originally accepted a fight against Ferguson at UFC 213 on July 8. However, the UFC would not accept his terms. So as of right now, the fight is not happening.