UFC Results: Akhmedov Shuts Down Alhassan, Deals His First Defeat

The UFC returned to Stockholm, Sweden for a special Sunday edition of UFC Fight Night.

In the main event, Sweden’s own Alexander Gustafsson fights fellow former title challenger Glover Teixeira.

Before the pivotal light heavyweight fight, the UFC once again stacked the card with numerous intriguing matchups.

The main card featured a battle between welterweights asAbdul Razak Alhassan fought Omari Akhmedov.

Both fighters landed hard shots to start the fight. Akmedov knocked Alhassan to the ground. Alhassan did not stay down long before working his way back to his feet. Akmedov later landed a powerful takedown. Alhassan once again worked his way to his feet. Alhassan also controlled the cage while the two were on their feet. At the end of the round, both fighters began to head hunt with powerful shots that failed to connect cleanly.

Alhassan landed hard body kicks at the start of the second round. Akhmedov retaliated with leg kicks and punches. While Alhassan was throwing a flurry, Akhmedov landed another takedown. Alhassan got back to his feet and ate a hard right hand from Akhmedov, who then took Alhassan back to the ground. Alhassan once again worked his way back to a standing position. Every time Alhassan began to gain momentum with his striking, Akhmedov would take him down. Akhmedov gained a crucifix position and began throwing punches and elbows.  Alhassan fought out of the position but remained on the bottom for the remainder of the round.

Akhmedov was the aggressor at the start of the third round. Despite Akhmedov throwing more volume, Alhassan continued to control the cage. Akhmedov landed another takedown but Alhassan immediately got up. Akhmedov once again landed a takedown, but this time he secured full mount. Alhassan rolled over and managed to get to his feet. The fight ended with Akhmedov holding Alhassan up against the cage.

Official Result:

Omari Akhmedov def. Abdul Razak Alhassan by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)