Watch Mike Tyson Punk Dana White … Really Hard!

Back in 2014, a video concerning the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson made its way onto the internet. Now, it’s time to relive that moment.

UFC President Dana White often travels in his own private jet. Much of the time, the UFC president brings UFC competitors along with him, as he travels from event to event. This time, boxing phenom Mike Tyson seems to have made it on the list.

However, Dana White was in for a quick surprise. After nuzzling into his favorite seat on the private jet, the champion boxer approached Dana White and told him it was time to move.

The boxer smacked Dana White on the arm and told him to “move it.” White explained that he quite liked the seat, but Tyson was quick to announce that he like it better. The hilarious exchange can be found below.