Zingano Shares Her Thoughts On Magana Getting The Police Involved With Cyborg Incident

UFC strawweight Angela Magana has been coming under fire for her recent incident with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Now, fighters are beginning the weigh-in on the situation.

“Cyborg” and Magana had a confrontation at the 2017 UFC fighter summit. Justino struck Magana, after which the police were called to the scene. Following the incident, Magana elected to press charges on Justino.

Leading up to the confrontation and shortly after it, Angela Magana has been messaging “Cyborg” over social media with various trash talking. Now, UFC bantamweight competitor Cat “Alpha” Zingano is ready to give her opinion on the situation.

“Going around cyber bullying people then calling the cops when you get confronted… that’s not how it should work in the animal kingdom @ufc” Zingano said.