Angry Fan Jumps Ring, Breaks Kickboxer’s Jaw — Replay!

Last week, at the Glory 42 kickboxing event in Paris, a match between Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian ended in Chaos.

In the second round, Grigorian was stunned by a brutal combination landed by Groenhart. After being rocked, Grigorian made a bad decision by turning around and walking away from his opponent.

The referee never stopped the fight, so Grigorian ate a vicious right hook from Groenhart that knocked him out.

After the fight, fans of Grigorian ran into the ring and attacked Groenhart. Two men were able to do damage to the professional kickboxer until security and other personnel were able to subdue the situation.

In the videos below, you can see the entire altercation take place at the Glory event.