“Bigfoot” Gets Knocked Out in Russia, Replay!

On Friday, former UFC title challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva fought former Bellator Heavyweight Champion Vitaly Minakov at Fight Nights Global 68 in Russia.

Minakov began the fight as the aggressor and landed a powerful takedown early in the round. Minakov began pummeling “Bigfoot” on the ground, but Silva was able to get back to his feet. For the majority of the first round, Minakov controlled the cage and forced Silva to be the defensive fighter.

Silva continued to struggle in the second round. Minakov managed to get “Bigfoot” to the ground and demolished him with brutal punches which resulted in a TKO win in the second round.

This knockout win marked Minakov’s 20th consecutive win. He is currently undefeated and continues to be one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world.

In the video below, you can watch Minakov dominate “Bigfoot” and keep his undefeated streak alive.