Bisping Goes Full Blast: ‘Vitor Belfort can suck my …….

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping was not a fan of last Saturday’s fight between Vitor Belfort and Nate Marquardt.

At UFC 212, Belfort won a decision against Marquardt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Vitor can suck my (expletive) (expletive),” Bisping said on his podcast. “My personal feeling aside, he got the win on Saturday night.”

Bisping went on to talk about both fighters history with performance-enhancing drugs. He said both middleweights looked much different on Saturday night compared to what they looked live five years ago.

Despite not being a fan of either fighter, Bisping shared some positive words regarding Belfort’s career. While many people are saying Belfort should retire from MMA, Bisping thinks he still has what it takes to compete against fighters in the UFC.

“Instead of trying to fight for the belt, I think we all know those days are gone, have some mid card fights. Have some entertaining fights. Earn some money, and continue to do what you love,” Bisping said about Belfort.

In the video below, you can hear all of Bisping’s comments about Belfort’s performance at UFC 212.