Conor’s Contract For Mayweather Forbids Him From Throwing, Elbows, Kicks, And Knees … Or Else!

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor has to be careful during his boxing match against Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

McGregor’s contract to fight Mayweather states that the UFC champion will lose money if he throws a kick, elbow, or any other mixed martial arts technique that are not legal in the sport of boxing.

UFC President Dana White discussed this part of McGregor’s agreement on Wednesday during a conference call.

“There is no way that will happen. That is absolutely in the contract, number one,” White said. “Number two, this is a boxing match under the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. When you talk about a guy like Floyd Mayweather, the lawsuit if that ever happened…

“You all know how much Conor likes money. Conor would depart with a whole lot of money if that ever happened.”

Mayweather vs. McGregor is set to take place Aug. 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.