Dana White Opens Up About “Raging” Al

UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta has been going back and forth with the mixed martial arts promotion as of late. After his knockout win at UFC Fight Night 108, the fighter went to social media to share some heated words with the UFC.

Now, UFC President Dana White has come forward with his thoughts on the situation. On the UFC Unfiltered podcast, as trasncribed by MMA Weekly, Dana White explained that things are always changing with Al Iaquinta.

“We’re up and down with Ragin’ Al. One minute he’s great and the next minute he’s raging again. I saw him in Dallas, Texas. He was with his dad, couldn’t have been a nicer kid.

“(We were) totally cool and then look on social media… and he’s back!” Dana said.

Discussing what it has been like exchanging with the fighter, Dana said “It’s been a very weird situation. Social media Al is a maniac.”

“What a lot of people don’t realize, what we deal with Ragin’ Al, we pretty much deal with most of the fighters,” said White. “When you look at how many people are under contract, a few are public and most are not. The same stuff is going on behind the scenes daily with different people. It’s all part of the gig, man.”