Dana White Speaks Up About Cyborg and Magana Incident: ‘Can a fighter be cyberbullied?’

The 2017 UFC fighter summit suffered some serious controversy near the end of the athlete retreat. Former Invicta FC featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino had a confrontation with UFC strawweight Angela Magana during the athlete retreat.

The police were called to the scene after Magana was struck by Justino. “Cyborg” had been receiving trash talk filled messages over social media from Magana for weeks leading up to the fighter summit.

Now, UFC President Dana White has decided to come forward with his thoughts on the situation. Appearing on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, as transcribed by MMA Fighting, Dana White said:

“If you’re Cyborg, you go up and let her know how you feel. You say, ‘you said all this mean sh*t about me, here’s what I feel about you.’ But what, you walk away, or you just stay away for the whole retreat. I’m not trying to be ‘Mr. I Take The High Road,’ because I never f*cking take the high road. But, assault isn’t, you can’t go and assault somebody, you can’t do it.”

The president then addressed the possibility of Angela Magana having cyber-bullied Cristiane Justino. “Can you cyberbully fighters? Can you cyberbully a fighter? Hey, listen, if you have social media, you’re being cyberbullied. There’s nothing, there’s nowhere, nobody, I don’t care what kind of star you are, male, female whatever it is. It’s a place where freaks who can hide behind, most of them are on private, they can have that kind of stuff, private accounts, which I don’t think is right. Instagram should change that. If you’re private, you should only get messages from people that follow you. It’s ridiculous.” White said.