Felice Herrig Continues To Impress, Dominates On FS1

The UFC made its long-awaited return to Oklahoma City for a special Sunday edition of UFC Fight Night.

The event featured a combination of former champions, top contenders, and rising prospects.

The main card featured a pivotal fight in the women’s strawweight division. Undefeated prospect Justin Kish fought her toughest challenge to date as she battled Felice Herrig.

Both women came out aggressive to start the fight. Herrig took Kish’s back early in the round. Kish managed to fight her way back up. Herrig then got Kish back to the mat. She then secured top position. Herrig gained full mount and started throwing down blows. Kish moved to her stomach and had her back taken. Herrig moved back to mount and continued to throw punches. Kish managed to reverse the position and got to her feet. Herrig went for a takedown but Kish reversed the position and ended up on top. The round ended with Herrig getting back to her feet.

Herrig landed a straight punch right as the second round started. Kish began landing kicks, but Herrig continued to land punches. Herrig managed to bust Kish open. Kish began to have more success with her striking as the round went on. Herrig then pushed Kish against the cage and used the position to get a takedown. Herrig took Kish’s back but Kish reversed into Herrig’s guard. The round ended with Kish gaining full mount.

Both fighters came out swinging to start the last round. Herrig quickly got the fight to the ground. Herrig took her back. She then secured a rear-naked choke. Kish miraculously escaped and moved to her back.  Herrig regained mount and started throwing ground-and-pound to finish the fight.

Official Result:

Felice Herrig def. Justine Kish by unanimous decision [30-26, 30-26, 29-27]