Garbrandt Defends “Mighty Mouse” Against The Bully T.J. Dillashaw

UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt has come to the defense of UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson.

UFC President Dana White and former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw have been publically attacking Johnson for not wanting to defend his title against Dillashaw.

Johnson has refused to fight Dillashaw due to Dillashaw not being a contender in his division. Dillashaw has never fought at 125 pounds.

“Who’s being the bully now?!!” Garbrandt tweeted at Dillashaw.

In the past, Dillashaw has made accusations of Garbrandt being a bully due to the UFC champion often trying to start fights with the former champion.

Dillashaw was expected to fight Garbrandt for his title in July, but a back injury forced the champion to withdraw. Since he couldn’t fight for the bantamweight title, Dillashaw challenged Johnson for the flyweight championship.