Goldberg Brings Back Classic UFC Line For Bellator MMA … And It Feels So Good!

It’s good to have Mike Goldberg once again commentating in the world of MMA.

For two decades, Goldberg was the voice of the UFC. But in 2016, the UFC decided to let go of their veteran play-by-play commentator.

This weekend, Goldberg will return to the sport with Bellator MMA. He will be doing play-by-play commentary for Bellator 180 and Bellator: NYC.

On Wednesday, a fan asked Goldberg about whether or not he will be able to keep some of his most memorable catchphrases. One line he will no longer be able to say is “inside the octagon.”

“Well, it’s the Bellator Cage now, everything else is virtually identical…,” Goldberg said in a tweet.

MMA fans will be able to once again hear most of Goldberg’s memorable catchphrases starting this Saturday.

Bellator 180 and Bellator: NYC take place June 24 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Bellator 180 will air live on Spike TV. Following the event, Bellator: NYC will air live on pay-per-view.