Joe Rogan’s Latest Guest Pees Right There, Live On The Air — Replay!

UFC commentator Joe Rogan likes for his guests to be comfortable while they are appearing on his podcast.

On a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan’s guest was comedian Ari Shaffir, who is known for his prank series The Amazing Racist.

While talking on the podcast, Shaffir needed to use the restroom, but instead of going to a bathroom, Shaffir decided to urinate into a bottle. Apparently, this is not the first time the comedian has done this on Rogan’s show.

While urinating, Shaffir ran out of space in the bottle. Rogan then gets up and rushes to get Shaffir a new bottle.

In the video below, you can watch the entire incident take place. However, due to YouTube censors, you cannot watch the comedian go in a bottle.