Jon Jones Destroys Gustafsson With Twitter Rant

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones shared some strong opinions toward Alexander Gustafsson.

On Wednesday, Jones ranted on Twitter about the former title challenger following his impressive win this past weekend.

Last Sunday, Gustafsson knocked out fellow former title challenger Glover Teixeira. After picking Teixeira apart for four rounds, Gustafsson landed multiple uppercuts and a brutal right hand to knock out the Brazilian in the beginning of the fifth round.

In interviews leading up to the fight, Gustafsson had said some insulting things towards Jones. Claiming he is not a good guy and is not a real champion.

“I’m not a champion because you don’t like my personality? (Expletive) you lol,” Jones said referring to Gustafsson’s comments.

While he was the champion, Jones defended his title against Gustafsson. Jones won a decision in a fight many considered to be the best fight of the year in 2013.

“And here’s a little FYI, you didn’t lose against DC and I because of your cardio, it was because your lack of heart,” Jones said.

Nothing was off limits to Jones. He even gave a back-handed compliment to Gustafsson, who proposed to his girlfriend after his win over Teixeira.

“‘Jon Jones is a bad person’ you sound like a (expletive) dork. Congrats on the engagement though, beautiful woman,” Jones said.