Magana Goes Nude … Again — You’re Welcome

UFC strawweight Angela Magana has once again posted a nude photo on her social media sites.

On Thursday, Magana released the photo, which can be seen below.

Earlier in the day, Magana claimed that she had been the victim of hackers. She said the hackers deleted all of her Instagram posts and has gotten ahold of other pictures. Magana response to the hackers was that she was going to release her photos herself.

Over the past month, Magana has made many headlines after she was assaulted by Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino in Las Vegas. Justino punched Magana at the UFC fighter’s retreat because of some insulting posts on social media. Magana had posted a photo mocking Justino’s appearance claiming she resembled the Jigsaw horror villain.

Since then Magana has pressed charges against Justino. While many people believe what “Cyborg” did was wrong, many people also believe Magana was being a bully.

#rest #yourmajesty

Posted by Angela Magana on Thursday, June 8, 2017