New Face Tate? Did Miesha Get More Work Done?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Miesha Tate announced the end of her mixed martial arts career after suffering a unanimous decision loss to Raquel Pennington last year, putting the fighter on a two fight losing streak.

The former UFC bantamweight champion would go on to have some surgery done on her nose. Following years of competition as a mixed martial artist, the former fighter desired a surgery on her nose to improve her breathing.

Now, Miesha Tate has appeared on a segment of UFC on FOX appearing to have potentially had some more work done on her face. Or, at least that’s what the MMA forums are buzzing following this past weekend’s stint on FOX. has an active thread going on the debate and here’s what the fans are saying:

1: On the fox show she totally looks like she did more then her nose. She got cheek implants and chin implants as well which is unfortunate. She is starting to get that cat face.

2: Something looks different about her for sure.
3: I understand fixing her nose after a fight career but she went overboard with the chin and cheek implants.
4: Maybe makeup? Post retirement weight gain?

5: Yeah it was all about much. She looked strange, maybe it was just the make up

Check her out for yourself and decide: