New: Michael Bisping Gets Blackout Drunk, Picks Street Fight With Chuck Liddell

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping recently revealed on his podcast that he had once gotten drunk and almost started a fight with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.

“When people like me, and people like Chuck Liddell meet at 3 a.m. after lots of alcohol has been consumed, it never goes well,” Bisping said. “We’re both alpha males.”

Bisping went on to say that neither he nor Liddell remember the altercation, but people there said the two almost got into a fight.

On his podcast, Bisping talked about Liddell potentially returning to the sport. Bisping said he had heard that the reason Liddell has to return to competition is that he lost his UFC ambassador job which paid $1 million a year.

Liddell lost his job in the UFC shortly after WME-IMG had purchased the company from Zuffa.

Liddell has been campaigning for a fight against longtime rival Tito Ortiz. However, Ortiz retired from the sport back in January.