New UFC Champ Max Holloway Reveals Who He Wants To Fight Next

UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway has revealed who he wants to fight in his first title defense.

“Me and Frankie Edgar, man, that sounds awesome,” Holloway said at the post-fight press conference for UFC 212.

At UFC 212, Holloway fought Jose Aldo in the main event in what was one of the most highly anticipated featherweight fights in UFC history.

For the first two rounds of their fight, Holloway and Aldo fought back and forth. Aldo even appeared to get the better of his challenger in the opening rounds.

However, everything changed in round three. Holloway dropped Aldo with a perfect punching combination and dropped the champion. Holloway then swarmed Aldo with brutal shots on the ground resulting in the referee being forced to step in and stop the fight.

While many UFC champions are looking for money fights, Holloway wants to fight the top contenders, and at this time, Edgar is the top contender at 145-pounds.