NYSAC Denies Anthony Johnson’s UFC 210 ‘Towel-Gate’ Appeal

The New York State Athletic Commission will not be penalizing UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier for “towel-gate.”

“Towel-gate” is referring to Cormier holding onto a towel and lifting himself up while weighing in for his title defense in April at UFC 210 in Albany, New York.

Cormier’s opponent that night, Anthony Johnson, appealed to the NYSAC due to them allowing Cormier to use the towel.

Since then, the state has rejected Johnson’s appeal. Johnson’s lawyer, Craig Zimmerman, says they may take legal action against the commission.

“Their position is that Anthony didn’t officially protest at the weigh-in, so he accepted it,” Zimmerman told MMAjunkie. “I think there’s no requirement that a fighter protest at a weigh-in. I just don’t think they want to rule on it.”

Cormier went on to defeat Johnson by submission at UFC 210. After the fight, Johnson retired from the sport of MMA.

Even thought the NYSAC will not be punishing Cormier for what he did, the commission has made new rules when it comes to weigh-ins. Now, fighters are not able to touch anything with their hands while they are weighing in.