Replay! Watch Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres’ TKO Win From Saturday

On Saturday, UFC veteran Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres picked up a TKO victory at a UFC Fight Night event in Singapore.

Caceres fought in an exciting back-and-forth battle with UFC newcomer Rolando Dy. However, the fight abruptly ended in between the second and third rounds.

In the first round, Dy began complaining about an injury to his left eye. In the second round, Dy was completely shutting his left eye while he was fighting. In between rounds two and three, the doctor decided to stop the fight due to Dy not using his eye. The doctor said Dy had vision in his left eye, but since he wasn’t using it, the fight needed to be stopped.

After the fight was stopped, Dy broke down in tears. Being a good sportsman, Caceres comforted his opponent.

Regardless of the stoppage, Caceres was already winning the fight and had come close to finishing his opponent on a couple of occasions.

In the clips below, you can watch highlights from Caceres’ TKO win in Singapore.