Replay! Watch Max Holloway’s Domination Of Jose Aldo

On Saturday, at UFC 212, Max Holloway became the undisputed UFC featherweight champion.

Holloway defeated Jose Aldo by TKO in the third round of their main event fight.

Holloway and Aldo had a back-and-forth battle for the first two round of their fight. Aldo even seemed to get the better of his challenger.

However, in the third round, Holloway dropped Aldo with brutal punches. He then pummeled the champion with punches on the ground until the referee was forced to step in and stop the fight.

Holloway is now without a doubt one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in all the UFC. His win over Aldo marked his 11th consecutive win in the promotion.

In the videos below, you can watch highlights of this historic, and highly anticipated, fight.

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