TAM’s Head Coach Reacts To Bodybuilder’s Threat Of Gun Violence.. ‘I’ll Stick That Gun Up His…

Over the past few months, UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt, and all of Team Alpha Male, has been involved in a social media battle to famous bodybuilder Matthew Kline Kader.

Last month, Kader had insulted Garbrandt on social media after the UFC champion was forced to withdraw from a fight due to a back injury. He even went as far as threatening Garbrandt with gun violence.

Garbrandt responded by giving the bodybuilder his home address and offered to buy him a plane ticket to come fight him in Sacramento, California.

This past weekend, Kader finally made the trip to Sacramento. He says he was met in the parking lot by members of the gym who weren’t Garbrandt and he then left.

“He ran like a hoe down a one way road in his hooptie (expletive) whip with his friend filming it!” Garbrandt said in a tweet regarding Kader.

On a recent episode of Stud Radio, members of TAM talked about the incident that took place this past week.

“He’s clearly mentally unstable,” Justin Buchholz, the head coach of TAM, said about Kader. “Talking about gun violence. Here’s the thing. He’s never even been trained with a gun. If he ever brought a gun around anyone, I would just grab it from him and stick it in his (expletive).”