The Two Kings Of Trash-Talk, McGregor And Sonnen Go Toe-To-Toe

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor “Notorious” McGregor is currently getting ready to face off with Floyd Mayweather Jr. inside a boxing ring. The two are set to throw down on Aug. 26. Before the fight was official, the nearest thing to a fight between the two was a series of trash talking and heated exchanges. Of course, Conor McGregor has had heated exchanges with some of the best.

Back in 2013, former UFC competitor Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor both met face-to-face on stage for the UFC Fight Night Manchester Q&A. During the Q&A, things began to slip out of hand as the two fighters exchanged in a heated debate.

The exchange can be seen in its entirety within the video below.