UFC Results: Ottow Earns Decision Win Over Kunimoto In New Zealand

On Saturday night, the UFC returned to the land down under for an exciting Fight Night event in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the main event, two of the best heavyweights in the UFC were set to do battle as Mark Hunt fought Derrick Lewis.

But before the pivotal heavyweight battle, the UFC once again featured a full night of intriguing bouts.

The prelim on FOX Sports 1 opened with a welterweight bout between Kiichi Kunimoto and Zak Ottow.

Kunimoto landed a hard leg kick to start off the fight. He landed multiple leg kicks while Ottow tried to close the distance. Ottow controlled the cage and began throwing leg kicks of his own. Kunimoto went for a takedown, but Ottow stayed on his feet. Ottow began landing a few clean punches. Kunimoto went for another takedown, but despite how hard he fought, he couldn’t get Ottow to the ground. The round ended with Ottow escaping from Kunimoto’s clinch.

Both fighters landed clean shots to start the second round. Kunimoto finally secured a takedown early in the round. Ottow did not stay on the ground long. Once he got up to his feet, he rushed towards Kunimoto and got him to the ground. Ottow then took his opponent’s back. Ottow then went for a rear-naked choke, but Kunimoto defended it. Kunimoto then reversed the position and secured top position. The round ended with Kunimoto going for a guillotine choke, but Ottow escaped.

Kunimoto landed a picture-perfect takedown early in the final round. Kunimoto smothered his opponent on the ground. He fought to secure for full mount, but Ottow was successful at fight it. However, Ottow couldn’t get Kunimoto off of him. Kunimoto then took Ottow’s back. Ottow eventually reversed the position and got on top at the end of the round.

Official Result:

Zak Ottow def. Kiichi Kunimoto by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)