UFC’s Jon Anik Reveals Real Salary Figures “Mighty Mouse” Made In His Last Fight

UFC commentator Jon Anik recently revealed how much money UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson makes in the UFC.

Johnson is currently in a battle against the UFC over the way the promotion has been treating him. The champion is upset with how much he is compensated as well as how much he is promoted by the organization.

Most recently, Johnson is upset with the UFC over them trying to force him to defend his title against former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw.

Johnson recently revealed UFC President Dana White threatened to cancel the flyweight division if Johnson did not fight Dillashaw. The UFC champion doesn’t want to take the fight because he had already agreed to defend his title against Ray Borg. He also doesn’t believe Dillashaw had earned a title shot since he has never fought in the division.

“For his last fight, DJ made $440,000,” Anik revealed on his podcast. “Not a bad payday, but when you’re the greatest fighter of all time, with 10 successful title defenses, I think you should be clearing a million bucks.”