Uh-Oh! Kevin Lee Starts Sandblasting Chiesa’s Momma Again

Kevin Lee has not learned his lesson when it comes to talking about Michael Chiesa’s mother.

On Sunday, Lee will fight Chiesa in the main event of a UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City.

Last month, Lee and Chiesa appeared at the UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference. During the event, Lee mentioned Chiesa’s mother, which resulted in Chiesa storming across the stage and a brawl between the two ensued.

Lee recently spent some time talking to the media and continued to mention Chiesa’s mother.

“Mentally, he’ll break. He’s going to stay in there for the long run. He’ll go into a defensive shell. He don’t want to get beat up in front of his mama,” Lee said.

“So he’s going to go into a defensive shell and try not to get knocked out. But he’s going to be in for a long night, baby.”

Lee isn’t apologetic about any of the statements he’s made regarding Chiesa’s mother. He went on to say that he and Chelsea aren’t friends and he doesn’t care about his feelings.

“When you’re coming after me, when you sign that line to fight me, we ain’t friends,” Lee said. “I don’t really (expletive) with you, I don’t really know you, I don’t want really to know you. I don’t watch his interviews, I don’t give a damn about him. I’ll say that to him, I’ll say that to his mama, I’ll say that to his grandmama. I’ll say it to anybody.”