Update: Viral Fighter With Ruptured Testicle Making Full Recovery In Hospital

Earlier this month, at Road FC 39 in South Korea, Aorigele and Myung Hyun-Man competed in an openweight fight that didn’t last long. Just seven seconds into the fight, Aorigele was the victim of a groin shot that ruptured his testicles.

Weeks after the accident, Aorigele gave an update on his condition.

“These days, I’m taking a break and recovering. I would like to thank all of the Road FC fans who are concerned about me. Thank you so much. What is left now is to return to Road FC after a full recovery, meet Myung Hyun-Man again, and put on a thrilling match,” Aorigele said.

“Many people might have misunderstood what happened in our match. It was totally an accident. Myung Hyun-Man didn’t do it intentionally. I would like to tell the fans that I want to show you what is real martial arts. I will show Myung Hyun-Man why I got the name Kung Fu Panda!”