Joe Rogan Gets Confronted By Howard Stern Over Cheating On His Ex … And It Gets Ugly

UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan got ridiculed by Howard Stern on his radio show by cheating on his ex-girlfriend.

In 2001, it was revealed Rogan cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Jerri Manthey. Rogan’s excuse for cheating was because the couple always fought.

Manthey is a reality television star and she once appeared nude in an issue of Playboy magazine.

Rogan and Manthey were friends afterward and appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show together.

In the video above, you can listen to Rogan admit to cheating and get criticized by everyone else on the show.

This interview was done while Rogan was still hosting the reality show Fear Factor. At this time, he was just at the beginning of his tenure as a UFC commentator.

Since this interview, Rogan has gotten married and has had multiple children. He has also been the main color commentator for the UFC for the past two decades.