Jon Jones Wins Today’s Internet After Non-Stop Attacks On D.C. Go Viral

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has stepped up his game when it comes to talking trash.

On Monday, Jones posted many insulting comments about UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier on social media.

After Cormier had posted a photo on Instagram, Jones commented on the photo with many different insults towards the UFC champion.

“Gus set you down like three times and he’s a boxer. Anthony Johnson took you down like three times and we all know that guys not wrestling every day. Admit it you are not the wrestler you used to be,” Jones said on Cormier’s Instagram page.

“The person who missed weight while representing our country at the Olympics you are a much lesser version of that guy. One that I’m not afraid of at all.”

Below, you can see more of Jones’ trash talk towards his upcoming opponent.

Cormier will defend his title against Jones in the main event of UFC 214 on July 29.