Nick Diaz On Failing Another Drug Test: ‘Sorry, But I Can Use Another Year Off!’

Nick Diaz doesn’t seem to mind that he may be facing another suspension in the sport of MMA.

On Thursday, the UFC revealed Diaz had violated their anti-doping policy. Diaz violation was not due to a failed drug test but was the result of him not sharing his whereabouts to the U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Over the past year, Diaz had failed to share his whereabouts on three different occasions, which can result in a suspension anywhere between six months to two years.

However, Diaz doesn’t seem to care about breaking the UFC’s rule. Later on Thursday, Diaz shared videos on Snapchat of himself rolling joints and having fun at a party.

A couple years ago, Diaz made a comment about failing drug tests that seems to match his current feelings.

“If I don’t pass the test I’m sorry,” Diaz said. “But you know, I could probably use another year off vacation.”

Diaz has not fought in the UFC since 2015. After his last fight, Diaz was suspended by the state of Nevada after testing positive for marijuana use. Diaz’s suspension has been expired for almost a year, but he has still shown no signs of wanting to return to the UFC.