Armed Robber Attempts To Rob MMA Gym, Gets Beat Up And Bloodied

An armed robber in California made a massive mistake by trying to rob an MMA gym.

According to police, the armed robber walked into the Defiant MMA & Fitness studio in Burbank and pulled a gun on employees and customers during a class on Tuesday night.

Jacob Powell, a lightweight MMA fighter, knocked the gun out of the man’s hand and held him to the ground until police arrived.

“My instincts kicked in,” Powell told a local FOX affiliate. “I used my judo training to go ahead and subdue him, got the weapon away from him before the cops arrived. One of my guys who was here training called the police and I just subdued him until the police showed up.”

In the video below, you can see local news coverage of the incident that took place. In the video, the armed robber’s face is bloodied and swollen following the incdient.