Chael Sonnen Responds To A Fresh Out Of Neck Surgery Tito Ortiz, Wins The Internet

It would appear that mixed martial arts veterans Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen are at it again. This time, Chael Sonnen has provided a response to Ortiz’s call out.

Tito Ortiz recently underwent a successful procedure on his neck. Following the procedure, the former UFC champion and now retired mixed martial artist called out Chael Sonnen. Now, it would appear that Chael Sonnen has a response.

While Sonnen suffered a submission loss to Tito Ortiz, that has not stopped the fighter from claiming victory over his now retired opponent.

“Y’wanna send the twins up for a week or two while you recover?
They might enjoy some hot food & indoor plumbing….” He stated over Twitter.

The fighter continued, “Teets, I’m glad I beat you, but I regret breaking your neck Glad you got it fixed Please send me Dr. bills I feel responsible to help.”