Former Teammates Lentz And Brooks Get Nasty In Latest Tweet Beef Saga

UFC lightweights Nik Lentz and Will Brooks recently were involved in a heated Twitter exchange.

Lentz and Brooks are former teammates at American Top Team. Earlier this week, Brooks claimed Lentz was trying to get fighters not to train with Brooks.

“Nik Lentz knows he can’t beat me so he’s texting guys at ATT saying they aren’t friends anymore if they help me get ready for the fight,” Brooks said on Twitter.

Brooks and Lentz are scheduled to fight at UFC 216 on Oct. 7 in Las Vegas.

“What kind of soft cupcake stuff is that?” Brooks said in another tweet. “He left ATT after throwing a temper tantrum like a child now he wants say so in what goes on here?”

Lentz later tweeted screen shots of conversations he had with other ATT teammates. In the conversation, it shows Lentz telling fighters it’s okay for them to help Brooks prepare for their fight.

“Remember the last time we fought on twitter!? You rage quit and deleted your twitter account,” Lentz said to Brooks. “You could be the biggest drama queen in MMA.”