New: Fighters Trade Nasty Elbows Until One Gets Knocked Out Cold, In KO Of The Year Candidate

The combat sports world just got a new knockout of the year contender.

At a recent MX Muay Xtreme event, two fighters stood in the middle of the ring and decided to trade sharp elbows.

As expected, one fighter had to go down. Eventually, one fighter was knockout out cold by a brutal elbow.

What makes the knockout even more devastating is the blood pouring down the man’s face as he hits the canvas. The cut right on his forehead shows exactly where the sharp elbow landed.

In the video above, you can see this brutal knockout take place in this recent Muay Thai fight.

What makes MX Muay Xtreme more violent than other Muay Thai promotions is that they use smaller MMA gloves. In the fight above, you can clearly see the impact the smaller gloves had in the fight.