Nick Diaz Reveals He Got Jumped While Riding His Bike, Beat Up Attackers

UFC star Nick Diaz recently shared a story about getting jumped while riding his bike.

The fight began while Diaz was riding his bike in the street and a car pulled up behind him.

“This dude was honking at me all crazy, talking (expletive), and then I got into a fight with him,” Diaz said.

“I started getting off my bike, I had bike shoes on, so his brother got out of the car too. I would have knocked his (expletive) out too but I slipped on my bike shoes.

“So these mother(expletives) started grabbing me and attacking me. I heel hooked one of them and (expletive) his leg up. His brother grabbed me and threw me down. They both dragged me to the grass and held my (expletive) down. I’m fighting them on the grass, and I’m like ‘alright, alright, alright’ because they’re gassing out.”

Diaz then said he started beating one of the brothers up the moment they let him go. This resulted in the other brother attacking him with a pen.

“His brother pulls out a pen and starts stabbing me. I’m (expletive) his brother up so he stabs me with a pen.”

In the end, Diaz shook hands with the brothers after the altercation and one of the brothers even began training with Diaz.

In the video above, you can listen to Diaz tell his entire story of fighting two guys, who both weighed over 240 pounds, at the same time.

“I got my (expletive) beat, but they got (expletive) up way worse than me,” Diaz said. “They were in like life trauma trouble.”