Rogan Legitimately Concerned That Conor Is the UFC’s Only Draw … And There’s No Close Second

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is worried about the number of stars currently in the UFC.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan discussed who the next biggest star in the UFC is after UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor.

With McGregor earning such a massive payday to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the Irishman may be done with fighting in the near future.

After McGregor, Rogan doesn’t think there is a close No. 2 when it comes to being a draw.

“There is no second. Who else is No. 2? Honestly, it might be Stipe (Miocic),” Rogan said. “It’s not even close. They’re not even on the same side of the planet. Who else is there? (Michael) Bisping? Who? George St-Pierre once he fights Bisping?”

In the video below, you can listen to Rogan and retired UFC fighter Brendan Schaub talk about the UFC’s lack of stars.