Rory MacDonald Accuses Robbie Lawler Of Steroid Use In Their Championship Fight

Bellator fighter Rory MacDonald believes former UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler was using performance-enhancing drugs prior to their championship fight.

At UFC 189, in 2015, Lawler and MacDonald fought in what many people believe is the greatest title fight in UFC history.

Throughout four rounds, MacDonald looked to be the better fighter and was winning on all of the judge’s scorecards going into the fifth round. But in the final round, Lawler managed to finish the fight by TKO after landing devastating punches on MacDonald.

On Thursday, MacDonald talked to fans via a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and allowed fans to ask him questions.

One person asked MacDonald if he believed Lawler was using PEDs prior to their fight.

“I’m convinced he was,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald didn’t say anything else regarding Lawler using PEDs, but he did comment on UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones recent testing positive for steroids.

“Shameful, like every other guy that does this crap and hides it, yet gloats during victory,” MacDonald wrote.