UFC Results: Pettis Earns Decision Win Over Moreno In The Main Event

On Saturday, the UFC hosted their 12th show in 13 weeks. Before they take the rest of the month off, the UFC hosted an exciting Fight Night event in Mexico City.

In the main event, you UFC crowned a new title contender in the flyweight division when Sergio Pettis fought Brandon Moreno.

Moreno started the fight throwing leg kicks. Moreno then landed a takedown. On the ground, Moreno secured top position. Moreno then took Pettis’ back. Pettis did everything he could to stop the rear-naked choke. The majority of the round was Pettis fighting Moreno’s submission attempt. The round ended with Moreno on Pettis’ back.

Pettis briefly knocked Moreno down with a body kick to start off the second round. Pettis later landed a hard leg kick. Moreno got knocked down after Pettis caught his kick, but Pettis allowed Moreno to get back to his feet. Pettis then landed two head kicks before Moreno landed a takedown. Pettis went for a triangle and used it to get to his feet. Pettis began landing kicks to the head and body. The round ended with both fighters trading strikes.

Pettis started the third round aggressive. He landed another head kick early in the round. Moreno went for a kick but it got caught and he got knocked down. Pettis allowed Moreno to get up and the two went back to exchanging shots. Pettis landed another strong head kick and followed it with hard punches. Moreno went for a takedown but Pettis stuffed it. Pettis continued to do damage on his feet for the remainder of the round.

Pettis continued to land strikes at the start of the fourth round. The action halted after Pettis’ accidentally poked Moreno in the eye. When the action restarted both fighters traded punches. Moreno began to have more success with his striking, but Pettis continued to land for the rest of the round. Pettis went for a cartwheel kick in the final seconds but was taken down in the process.

Moreno landed a takedown early in the final round. Moreno secured top position but Pettis wrapped him up. Pettis then landed a few up kicks. Towards the end of the round, Pettis fought his way back to his feet. Both fighters landed combinations in the final minute. Pettis appeared to land the cleaner strikes in the final seconds.

Official Result:

Sergio Pettis def. Brandon Moreno by unanimous decision