5-Years Since His Last Fight, Rich Franklin Finally Releases His Retirement Letter

Former UFC middleweight champion RIch Franklin.

Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin has put on a storied career in mixed martial arts. Having taken on wars with countless legends of the sport from Anderson Silva to Chuck Liddell, Franklin has provided a mass of exciting performances for fight fans to revisit again and again. However, Rich Franklin has not competed since 2012.

Franklin never officially retired. That being said, the former UFC champion has moved on in his career. In 2014, Rich Franklin landed the role of vice president of mixed martial arts promotion ONE Championship, in which Franklin still serves today.

Now, Rich Franklin has come forward with a letter to his fans and friends concerning the end of his fighting career. Offering a letter to The Player’s Tribune, Franklin explained that he does not want to use the term “retirement.” Rather, the fighter is simply ending a chapter.

Check out an excerpt from Rich Franklin’s letter below:

“If I attempted to thank every person who significantly impacted my career, the remainder of this article would read like a Biblical genealogy. Understand that I am just one link in a long chain of people who contributed to my success. I truly cannot express the amount of gratitude I hold in my heart.

“So, where do I go from here? In my mind, the sky is the limit! I decided I didn’t want to announce ‘retirement,’ rather, I am announcing that I have closed one chapter of my life and begun another. I am blessed to continue working in an industry I helped build. I will continue to do great things with ONE Championship.

“Many years ago, I was just a guy chasing his dream. Today, I stand here humbled and appreciative of where that pursuit took me. God bless!”